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Many people have been asking why NASA is studying “How do Humans communicate over long distances”. While there is no good anwser to this question, the are several possible answer.

One is that NASA scientists are concerned that the internet could self implode someday ( a la Y2K ) – if computers could not reach agreement on a date, or limit a time out to one hour, it would make traffic impossible across the entire world for a year. So NASA is doing research on this.

Another is that they are concerned that the U.S. might try some sort of last ditch effort at going to war with China or Russia, if the U.S. leaders could not get their own people to agree on the date for the attack.

The third one is that these researches are simply a way of distracting the general public from the real issues of “War”, which could affect the average computer user in their daily lives.

What seems likely is that NASA will study the human aspect of computer communications, and try to find ways to improve communication systems, so that when computers suddenly go haywire, the human factor can be considered. If NASA really wanted to be serious they should be planning for the day that humans are no longer needed, or if the technology fails.







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